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Freshmen in high school are just eight years away from being in decision-making positions in all realms, worldwide. Critical issues, like limited energy resources, participation gaps in education, sustainability practices, the economy, and global competition will be on their shoulders. Their future success relies on their high school preparation today.

At Sonoma Academy, we prepare students for a rapidly changing world while grounding them in academic traditions, ethics, and community. SA students master both knowledge of subject materials and tools to succeed in academic and work environments. They practice problem solving, collaboration, and creative thinking as they gain technological, ecological, and global fluency. They also practice leadership and learn what it means to make decisions, to initiate change, and to act as teacher mentors.

Come visit and see for yourself what it means to be part of a vibrant learning community. And in the meantime, take a look around our web site to get a feeling for what life at Sonoma Academy is like.

Head of School
Janet Durgin

About Janet Durgin

Janet has over twenty years of teaching experience and thirteen years experience as a House Director at Northfield Mount Hermon. At NMH, she became the Chair of Modern Languages Department, the Director of International Programs, and eventually Dean of Curriculum. During her time as Dean of Curriculum, she was responsible for re-engineering the entire academic program for the school of eleven hundred students. Before NMH Janet had lived and studied in France, and she and her husband, John, lived in and worked in the Congo, after which they spent a year traveling the world.

When the Founders of Sonoma Academy found Janet, they tasked her with bringing the vision and mission of the twelve founding families into reality. Sonoma Academy's compelling mission provided an exciting roadmap for her as she set out on this grand adventure. She began working with the founders in the summer of 2000 to recruit faculty and begin developing the school's curriculum, enroll the first students, and find a temporary site and renovate it. The school opened in September of 2001.

Throughout the school’s development, she has been a stalwart proponent of an educational environment and methodology that maximizes the transformative time of adolescence. Under her leadership, Sonoma Academy has become the premier independent and college preparatory high school in Sonoma County—shepherding students through their teen years, matching each individual student’s talents and potentials with unique opportunities for growth, exploration, challenge, and support.

Read Janet’s weekly blog, The View From Here, to learn more about her perspective and for a window into daily life here at Sonoma Academy.
2500 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Sonoma Academy is...

The only private, independent, college preparatory high school in Sonoma County. On its beautiful 34-acre campus nestled at the base of picturesque Taylor Mountain in South Santa Rosa, Sonoma Academy students are able to explore their interests and passions in a challenging environment that prepares them for college and life beyond.