Head of School Transition

Head of School Search Committee Named

Our goal with creating this committee is to have a small, but representative, group of people who will navigate the majority of the details regarding our search for a new Head of School. There will be opportunities throughout the search for the entire community to provide input, but it is important that the committee remain small and nimble.

Our  first task is to choose a consultant firm. The consultant will be doing a great deal of the legwork of the search as well as providing forums for wider community input. Once the consultants are selected, they will visit campus for several days. We will send another announcement once the firm has been chosen and their process has been fully articulated.

The Search Committee consists of nine people, including one admin team member, Ellie Dwight, and two teachers, Jamie Murray and Ramsey Musallam. There are five current trustees, Kitty Angell, Bridget Twomey, Tim Duncan, David Eiseman, and me, as well as founding trustee  Lisa French.

In addition to opportunities for input to the consultant group, anyone who wishes to speak privately with a member of the committee will be given ample opportunity.

Of course, we will continue to communicate with you at each key step in this process. Please feel free to contact either of us with questions


Kitty Angell, Chair of the Search Committee
Tory Nosler, Chair of the Board of Trustees

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