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Current Show: Marcellus Hall

Marcellus Hall, an NYC-based illustrator, has mounted a new show in the Sonoma Academy gallery. Hall's work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Time, as well as in American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts annuals. His first cover for The New Yorker was published in 2005. He has self-published books of drawings and writings, including Hard Luck Stories and Legends of the Infinite City. His debut graphic novel, Kaleidoscope City, was published in 2018 by Bittersweet Editions; he has also illustrated a number of children's books, and he is an accomplished musician.

For 30 years, Hall has been capturing the everyday life of cities around the world. Hundreds of drawings and illustrations from his years in New York go hand-in-hand with countless travel sketches form a complete vision depicting the human drama. With pathos and comedy, Hall’s drawings give form to a universal urban experience. 

Hall, on his work:

"The fine art world and its wheelings and dealings left me cold when I graduated from art school, so I opted instead for a career in illustration. The populist aspect appealed to me. Nonetheless, I continued, in the meantime, to make art on my own with no client in mind and for no commercial purpose.

"This art reflects my fascination with humanity and cities. There is something about chronicling human behavior and environments, for better or worse, for me that offers insight to the universal condition ... both tragic and comedic. I am a humanist. My art stands as a testament to this. I am fascinated by the day to day common experience of people around the world. New York, being an international conglomeration, is the perfect setting for what interests me. 

"For me, in drawing, there is a meaning that is not able to be conveyed in words. Words fall short. Words are confused. Words confuse people. Words have double meanings. People say things and people don’t listen. People say things and listeners don’t understand. For me drawing is another language. My words are lines and color. People see my drawings and recognize something. We understand each other. We feel less alone with language and art."

Hall's work will be on view through the end of the year. You can learn more about him at his website,

The Art Gallery

Since the inception of the school, before we even had a proper gallery space, we have had professional artists showing, lecturing, and giving class demonstrations. We believe that exposure to the arts is an inherent part of education, and therefore, expose students to a variety of artists and styles that are not typically shown in Sonoma county. Over the last 14 years we have shown a diverse group of artists from all over the world including: Pakistan, Tibet, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia, the Philippines, Iran, and Cuba as well as local Bay area artists. We have partnered with the San Francisco Art Institute and the Chalk Hill Artist Residency and will be showing some of the artists selected through their program.

Gallery hours are 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except during school holidays).

Gallery Guidelines

The Sonoma Academy Gallery looks for original artwork that takes an innovative approach and shows a sophisticated execution. Chosen artists should enhance the arts curriculum. Established and emerging artists interested in showing are encouraged to look over these guidelines.

Shows are generally up for two months unless another arrangement has been made between the artist and the school. In exchange for showing and taking no sales commission we require all artists to give a lecture or class demo. A stipend of $60 is provided for a class demo or short lecture.

Artists are responsible for hanging and taking down their own shows after 3:30 pm on weekdays or on the weekend as arranged between the artist and the school. Please bring your own hanging supplies. A dolly is available to transport the work from your car up to the gallery.

It is suggested that artists create their own labels, which include the name of the piece, medium, date, price, and artist contact information. Otherwise a binder with the same information can be left on the gallery table.

If something sells, the purchasing party will contact the artist directly to arrange the sale. The school takes no commission.

Gallery Size
Dimensions of the wall space: 
  • Two walls are 6' 8” 
  • One wall is 10’ 5”
  • One wall is 8’ 7”
  • One wall is 33’ 10”
  • One wall is 3’
Please submit a link to your website or blog for consideration and send it to Hillary Younglove. Shows are booked one year in advance.
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Santa Rosa, CA 95404 
(707) 545-1770

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