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Our curriculum teaches students to think critically and creatively, to collaborate, to lead, to disagree, and to build consensus, and these tenets are central to our Humanities courses. Students spend their freshman year immersed in an interdisciplinary curriculum rooted in literature and history.

Following a case study approach, the course organizes itself around the essential question: How does geography shape culture? Sophomore year, we ask students to get more philosophical, bringing the same interdisciplinary approach to the essential question: How do ideas shape culture? Junior year, students take a closer look at where they themselves come from in another interdisciplinary course that examines primary and secondary sources from American history and a wide range of literature by American writers, and asks the question: What does it mean to be American?

Whether they want to dive deep into Historiography, or venture far abroad in International Relations; whether they want to explore the world around them in Environmental Literature, or inside themselves in Self and Society; whether they want to learn more about Constitutional Law, African Studies, or Race, Class, and Gender; whether they want to focus more on self-expression in the Art of the Essay or Creative Writing; or whether they want to immerse themselves in British Literature to Satire to Crime Stories to Mythology, our students have the latitude to follow their passions in our Humanities electives. All humanities classes emphasize writing, reading, and class discussion, helping students learn to express their ideas clearly and cogently in college and beyond.

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Sonoma Academy is...

The only private, independent, college preparatory high school in Sonoma County. On its beautiful 34-acre campus nestled at the base of picturesque Taylor Mountain in South Santa Rosa, Sonoma Academy students are able to explore their interests and passions in a challenging environment that prepares them for college and life beyond.