Practice Doesn't Make Perfect, Exploration Make Explorers

Intersession gives students opportunities for exploration, risk-taking, travel, community engagement, and leadership, allowing them to deepen and expand their knowledge in an in-depth and experiential way. 

An 8-day immersive experience that falls after the winter break and before the second semester begins, Intersession is a time when students can dig deeply into a subject they are already interested in or investigate a new area of possible interest. Intersession is also designed to be fun and engaging, creating space for students to discover new interests and explore subjects or themes in a way that cannot be accomplished during the normal school day. 

Intersession courses are decidedly “real world” in the sense that the learning or experiences take place in real-world environments and teach real-world skills: everything from scientific observation in nature to cooking to backpacking or camping; from yoga and meditation to community service and engineering and computer programming projects.

Each year, we offer a wide variety of on-campus options, and students also have the opportunity to participate in travel Intersessions through the Passport Program. 

Recent Intersession Courses

In past Intersessions, students have:

  • Produced short documentary films
  • Composed, recorded, and mixed original music
  • Designed, built, and delivered handmade items to local nonprofits
  • studied coastal ecology while performing service work in Northern California parklands
  • Created murals, jewelry, metal sculpture, watercolor paintings, and more
  • Combined mornings of CrossFit exercise with afternoons of cooking and baking
  • Learned the basics of sports journalism and broadcasting
  • Completed study or service in countires around the world through the Passport Program

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