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Tucker Crull

Class of 2015

I came to SA because I wanted a school that would help me with my dyslexia, enable me to achieve higher level math, and have intelligent peers in a small environment.

My favorite part of school is the athletics. I play basketball and baseball. My first year here was also the first year of baseball, and I've enjoyed being part of the growing team. I'm team captain now. At a larger school, I may not have had the athletic opportunities I've had here.

When I was a freshman, history was my favorite subject, but now I am more into math and science. In fact, I love math and science! Because I have severe dyslexia, English has always been difficult for me. At SA, history and English are combined into Humanities, and that was challenging for me. But I have never felt that dyslexia has held me back here, and any accommodation I needed or asked for has always been given to me.

A couple years ago, Ellie suggested I take Computer Programming. I didn't even know I liked it until I took the class--I didn't even want to take the class in the first place! Now, it's probably what I'm going to do as a career. For the future, I am looking to go into engineering and computer science. I've had internships at a start-up in San Francisco the past two summers.
It's funny. I have a twin sister and we were always together in school, until I came here. She wanted something different for high school, so she went somewhere else. I feel like SA is a lot more relaxed and laid back, but there’s a lot more drive to succeed, to get good grades, to go to college, to push or challenge yourself. It's not competitive, but there is a real caring, a love for school, instead of this attitude of "you have to go to high school." That's different than what my sister is experiencing. 
Sometimes it's hard that everyone lives so far away. I'm in St. Helena, but it's worth it to come here, and I would choose it all over again. Except this time, I'd act more maturely and try harder in freshman and sophomore years!

Because I'm involved in athletics, I'm here a lot. In fact, I'm here more than I'm at home, so this has become a home to me. Being here, I've learned to work with my teachers, and they work with me. One of the thing that enables so many students to participate in sports, speech and debate, theater, is that SA gives you time during the day to get work done—study halls, office hours. I've learned how to manage my time here.
"SA has made me more confident, to embrace what I know, and to be passionate about what I love."
2500 Farmers Lane 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404 
(707) 545.1770 

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