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Student Leadership

We value and support the voices of our student leaders. Each year, there are a number of leadership opportunities available for student application. Each position has a different set of expectations and guidelines, leveraging the strengths and interests of our student body. All leadership groups participate in an annual leadership retreat at the beginning of the school year.

Student Leadership Council (SLC)

SLC is responsible for all student-led activities and dances that happen throughout the year.  The group consists of two co-coordinators, two social representatives, two athletic representatives, two arts representatives, two diversity representatives, grade level representatives, and grade level secretary/treasurers. Elections take place in April for the following school year. Freshman positions are elected after the freshman retreat in September.

Athletics Leadership

Student-athletes can become team captains. Most of our teams have 2-3 co-captains, some have as many as 3-5. Team captains are selected by the coaches with input from votes from teammates.
Captains represent the entire team and act as a liaison between the coaches and the team. They often help the coaches with things like warmups and cooldowns, as well as serving as representatives for the team in the offseason.

Admissions All-Stars

The Admissions All-Stars is a dynamic leadership development program designed to provide students with skills in interviewing, collaboration, and foundational public relations (public speaking, meeting perspective students and their families, representing their high school). As Sonoma Academy ambassadors, All-Stars gain practice and confidence by applying these skills at open houses, student orientations, community and middle school events. Students can apply to become an All-Star as early as second semester of 9th grade. Interested students should contact Luc Martin in Admissions or speak to a current All-Star!

Arts Leadership

There are many opportunities for leadership in our Arts Program:

  • Assistant Directing Fall show
  • Directing and producing of the S.A.S.S. shows (Sonoma Academy Student Show)
  • Directing a one-act for the Lenaea High School Theatre competition
  • Acting as a Teaching Assistant in the classes
  • Creating and running an exploratory (this year we have students leading Slam Poetry, and a movement class)
  • Design opportunities in assisting the professional set designers, costume designer and lighting designers for the Fall production.
  • Designing make-up for Fall production
  • Scenic/lighting/sound/costume design for S.A.S.S. and Lenaea one act
  • Music direction

Judicial Honor Council (JHC)

The JHC is convened when a student or students appear to have violated our honor code. Students are selected by their peers and serve one-year term. In addition to students, the JHC is composed of faculty and administrative representatives as well.

Health & Wellness TA's

Our Health and Wellness program informs, challenges, and supports students in their ethical and personal decision making. Health & Wellness TA's serve as teaching assistants in our Freshman Health & Wellness class. 

International Student TA's

Every year, a number of students become teaching assistants in the English Language Learner course, which is designed to support all new international students. Selection is determined by recommendation of the Humanities faculty. TA's attend the class once a week to work with the international students on their writing, their general language skills, and to offer specific support in their Humanities coursework. 

International Student Mentors

The International Student Mentor program is an important aspect of the support provided to international students. Mentors help new international students become acclimated to American high school life, as well as foster cross-cultural communication and exchange. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to interact with students from different cultures, to expand one's worldview, to enhance one's communication skills, and to develop friendships.

Additionally, each year, one student is chosen to act as the Director of the International Student Mentors. This person helps to organize the Exploratory activities, as well as the field trips.

Each year, students may apply to become a mentor. The commitment is for one school year and students are required to take the first quarter International Student-Mentor Exploratory, as well as attend a variety of afterschool and weekend field trips. Applications are due in April.

Peer Tutoring

Students who excel in particular subjects can apply to become peer tutors. Students must apply if they wish to become a tutor. All Peer Tutors receive training from our Learning Strategist.

Additionally, there are two Peer Tutor Coordinators who are responsible for matching students with tutors, publicizing the program to the student and parent body, meeting regularly with our Learning Strategist, and other responsibilities associated with administering the program.
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