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Our students have the ability to broaden their horizons intellectually, socially, athletically, and artistically. Many groups and clubs on campus are student-run; from the Student Leadership Council to the yearbook staff and the annual Evening of the Arts.  

Each year, our students participate in approximately 30 clubs. A club fair early in the school year gives students a chance to learn more about each club’s activities, and sign up to become a member. Students are always encouraged to form their own clubs under the advisement of a faculty member and with approval from the Dean of Student Life.

Below is a list of all current and active clubs.

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  • American Red Cross Club

    The Sonoma Academy American Red Cross Club is an official extension of the American Red Cross NGO. The club will be working with an ARC assigned officer throughout the years and will have the opportunity to participate in life-saving services of the Red Cross as volunteers. Throughout the year, we will plan and implement projects (listed below) to educate and bring awareness to others. Projects: - Host All School Blood Drives - Host All School Clothing Donations - Free Fire Alarm Installation within Sonoma County (ARC Official Activity) - Assist with ARC Fundraising Efforts - Help During a Crisis (ARC Disaster Relief) - Support ARC Official Blood Drives - Educate and Bring Awareness to Others - Provide Office and Warehouse Support
  • Architecture Club

    The mission of the architecture club is to educate students on green architecture.
  • Art of Chinese Calligraphy

    Write Chinese, drink tea and have fun.
  • Art of Chinese Tea Club

    Taste Chinese tea and have fun. Learn traditional way of making Chinese tea.
  • Book Club

    We would like to bring students together and give them the chance to read for pleasure. Lots of high school students have trouble finding the time to do so.
  • Broadway Club

    Welcome to Broadway Club, the quitissential club that allows members to listen to and watch Broadway (and other theater types) performances and shows. Meetings are every club co-block.
  • French Culture Club

    Each meeting we will be focusing on different types of French culture. During one meeting we will be cooking different French meals. At another meeting we'll listen to French music. This club is mostly about interacting with other students, and making closer friends, along with hands-on learning. If you're interest in French food, fashion, or music join French Club.
  • C.A.R.E. Club

    Emails will be sent out to gather groups of students who want to come volunteer with us!
  • Do it Yourself Club

    Fund raising for orphanages by selling the DIY accessories which are made by club members.
  • Earthology Club

    In Earthology we work together to raise environmental awareness on and off campus, and raise money to make a difference for a greener school and world.
  • Education for Elibou

  • Fan Club

    It’s our goal to provide a synergistic effort to establish the full range of our dynamic potential.
  • Fishing and Environmental Club

    Our mission is to have fun fishing as well as raise awareness about preserving our waterways.
  • Flight Club

  • Food and Culture Club

    We will spend a certain amount of time studying and learning about a certain cultural background and the food that comes from it. It is possible that everyone will pick one dish and learn facts about it, present them, and then attempt to make it.
  • Girls Learn International (GLI) Club

    Our goal is to inform and educate the SA community about women’s rights around the world.
  • Grilling And Chilling Club

    We have a barbeque once a month.
  • Hoops and Balls

    Place to play basketball, have fun, and play basketball. We will meet during co-block, and have 2vs2 competitions some lunch time.
  • Magic Club

    Magic Club will be meeting during co-block on Wednesdays. During the first few meetings, we will work out additional times to meet.
  • March for Our Lives Club

  • Math Club

    In this club you will learn the different aspects of mathematics, how to solve entertaining logic puzzles, win at competitions, and most importantly, have fun!
  • Model UN Club, LLC

    At Model UN LLC We strive to bring attention to issues and conflicts around the world.
  • Mountain Biking Club

  • Photography Club

    We aim to practice the skill of photography and share the importance of photography among ourselves and society.
  • Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

    Our mission is to make our campus safer and accommodating for people of marginalized orientations, gender identities, and intersex people. We plan to raise awareness through education and action.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Club

  • Rock Climbing Club

  • Rocketry Club

    Our mission is to provide opportunities for SA students to build, launch, and learn about rockets and rocket engineering.
  • Running Club

    Our goal is to encourage students to embrace & enjoy running. All are welcome!
  • SA Tech Corps

    We provide technology to the school. The students who would like to involve to SA technology and offer their support to the school.
  • Schools for Kabul Club

    Schools for Kabul raises money to send to an organization called School of Leadership Afghanistan (SOLA), which provides education for girls in Afghanistan.
  • Soccer Club

    This club is here to provide and aid soccer players with more time to play, develop, learn, and overall have fun playing the biggest sport in the world.
  • Sonoma Academy Animal Club (SAAC)

    The second week of every month we will raise money for a different organization to help animals. During this week we will have bake sales and depending on the organization we will have guest speakers. SACC is all about helping animals not just domestic animals but even wild animals. We hope to raise enough money to make a difference.
  • Sonoma Academy Car Club (SACC)

    SAAC’s mission is to share an appreciation of car culture. Our club wishes to use the common aspect of modern life, automobiles, to bring people together for socializing, automotive safety education, and practical automotive issues. These issues include car safety and elementary automobile maintenance. How to change tires, change oil, air filters, and check brakes for safety.
  • SA Entrepreneurs Club

  • Surfing Club

    We will be meeting every Friday at lunch to talk about the forecast for the weekend as well as watch recently released surfing videos. Jamie has an immense amount of knowledge on surfing and shaping surfboards. He will be discussing shaping with us as well as many other tasty bits of information from his years of experience. We will be meeting on the weekends to surf. We will be taking photos and videos every time we surf and will have enough to make a community meeting slideshow or some other form of presentation.
  • Tea Club

    Appreciate tea, zen out in the middle of a busy week and learn about how tea is appreciated around the world.
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