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Passport Program

The Passport Program is the result of a generous gift from an anonymous donor and offers all students one free international Intersession during their four years at Sonoma Academy. Because adolescence is the perfect time to broaden horizons and be exposed to the big, wide world, the vision for the program is for all of our students to experience this benefit.
Each year, we offer four to six International Intersession courses for students to choose from. Many trips recur every other year to ensure that students will have more than one opportunity to sign-up for a trip. Each trip has a particular focus--these are not tourist excursions, but immersive experiences that can be focused on the sciences, sustainability, art, literature, mythology, culture, service, language skills, or some combination thereof.

Intersession travel courses have been offered to: Baja, Bali, Belgium & Holland, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Greece, Nicaragua, Patagonia, Spain, to name just a few.
Additionally, for all incoming freshmen who have not yet acquired a passport by the time of their enrollment at Sonoma Academy, the school will provide reimbursement to offset the cost of the fees. The passport must be obtained during freshman year.

You may review current travel Intersession courses and their descriptions by selecting "Intersession" below.

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