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Visual Arts: Foundation Arts

The Foundation Arts course is true to its name in that it lays a foundation in visual arts and covers a number of core skills and concepts. Course time is spent on studio projects, class and guest lectures, visits to art spaces, critiques, and class discussions; assignments allow students to practice the skills learned.

  • Basic Drawing: Students acquire basic skills in areas such as value, composition, texture and perspective, using such materials as charcoal, graphite, markers, and colored pencils.
  • Design: Students learn the communication of visual ideas, layout, and composition.
  • Painting: Students experiment with a variety of painting media: watercolor, acrylic, and tempera paints.
  • Sculpture: Students learn how to create three-dimensional pieces using simple materials such as clay, wire, and mixed media.
  • Digital Media: Students learn the basics in digital storytelling using iMovie, Google Docs, and PowerPoint for visual and oral presentations as well as some basic Photoshop skills.
  • Art History & Appreciation: Students learn about individual artists by studying one in particular and by doing an oral presentation to the class. In addition, various artistic movements are discussed as they relate to assignments and the final project. Students visit museums and galleries and write reviews about the shows they have seen.

Examples of Student Work

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