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2015 Songs of the Civil War

A Cappella Choir

Ceilidh Austin
Reilly Austin
Rylee Bowen
Casit Chai
Victoria Grady
Max Grover
Olivia Haas
Lily Hue
Tristyn Huggins
Lili Hughes
Isaiah Krimel
Claire Lampson
Livija Langberg
Peter Li
Zhuoyang Li
Phoebe Marshall
Ryan McGraw
Stacey Olson
Celine Reilly
Alex Rink
Colin Rist
Ayan Salh
Justin Schaefers
Holly Schultze
Ben Vogel
Jessica Wang
Come join us for Songs of the Civil War, the first concert at Sonoma Academy to feature both our A Cappella Choir and Instrumental Ensemble together! 

We will be exploring 19th century music, from the beautiful folk songs of Appalachia to the soulful and thrilling cries of the Negro Spiritual and early Gospel music. We will sing songs from the war itself, filled with pathos and longing.  Some of these American classics will be performed with a modern flair and energy, others with the gravity of a nation struggling to throw off the yoke of slavery.
Songs of the Civil War runs for only three performances, December 4 at 7 pm and December 5 at 3 pm and 7 pm

Instrumental Ensemble

Isabelle Elder
Eva Harrison-Lee
Lily Hue
Lili Hughes
Edward Jiang
Kendall Kinney
Jake Kowalick-Allen
Isaiah Krimel
Elijah Molenkamp
Jessica Reid
Colin Rist
Justin Schaefers
Patrick Sullivan
Ben Vogel
2500 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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