ALICE: An Original Production


April 27 through April 30 in the Fitzsimmons Black Box Theater

Get ready for a trip through the looking glass with ALICE, our 2023 Production & Design Studio show! Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel, the original script (co-written by students) follows the story of young Alice on her journey through Wonderland, where she encounters a cast of fantastical creatures, villains, and otherworldly characters.

Art of Puppetry students have worked closely with the Production & Design Studio class to create fantastical puppet creations. The puppets, representing iconic characters such as the terrifying Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Caterpillar, and the Cheshire Cat, will be operated and voiced by actors from the Production & Design Studio class. 

With award-winning set design and art direction by Mae McCarthy '23, the production will offer an immersive and eerily beautiful aesthetic along with its entertaining and timeless story. (Children over 10 are warmly welcomed! Children under 10 should be advised that the Queen of Hearts is a little scary!) 

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Production Team

Production Team
Director: Jenifer Coté
Assistant Director: Natalie Burton ‘26
Art Direction/Set Design/Puppet Choreography / Puppet Direction: Mae McCarthy ‘23
Original Script Written by: The Production Design Studio Class
Lead writers/story developers:  Ian Mutz ‘25, Mira Bruce-Low ‘23, Mae McCarthy ‘23, Savvy Gouillot ‘25, Cole Stein ‘23, and Jenifer Coté
Music Director / Original Composition / Digital Engineering: Sarai Juarez Osorio ‘23
Music Assistant/ Recording Musician: Lynna Xu ‘26
Costume Designer:  Marlena Bennet Hall ‘23
Student Lighting Designer: Louise Estella ‘25
Costume Assistants: Lu Eyler ‘25, and Jayden Heselton ‘23, Sam Hackett ‘23
Makeup / Hair Design: Tilly Houston ‘23
Prop Masters: Ellison White ‘25, Lyvia Browne ‘25, Madigan Traversi ‘23
Sound Design: Madigan Traversi ‘23
Student Set Formen: Chris Giffoni ‘23
Set Buildcrew: Ryan Yang ‘23, Chris Giffoni ‘23, Raphel McGlynn ‘23, Will Douglas ‘23, Harper Clark ‘26, Mae McCarthy ‘23
Welding: Ryan Yang ‘23 and Will Douglas ‘23
Scene Painting: Harper Clark ‘26/ Mae McCarthy ‘23
Tech FX/QLab/Video projections: Chris Giffoni ‘23

Puppet Maker Lead Designers  (Under the Direction of Hillary Younglove) 
The Queen of Hearts: Sam Hackett ‘23 with assistance by Charlie Powers ‘25 / Kaya Greer ‘25
The Caterpillar: Madigan Traversi ‘23 / Kaya Greer  ‘25/ Jen Coté / Bruce Lackovic
The Caterpillar's Inchworm: Lainy Ramos ‘23
The White Rabbit: Sam Farber ‘25 / Lainy Ramos ‘23
The Queen’s Toad:  Dayton Shepardson ‘23
Tweedle Dee / Tweedle Dum: Harper Clark ‘26
The Cheshire Cat: Madison Thrash ‘23
The Flowers: Lainy Ramos ‘23
The Dormouse: Harper Clark ‘26
Shadow Puppetry: Dante Squires ‘25
The Jabberwocky: Mae McCarthy ‘23
Felted Miniature Animals: Ashlyn Brescia ‘23
Marionette Alice: Charlie Powers ‘25 / Ashlyn Brescia ‘23


Wonder Cast
Thursday, April 27, 4:30 pm
Friday, April 28, 7:00 pm
Saturday, April 29, 2:00 pm
Sunday, April 30, 6:00 pm

Alice: Freyja Kremer ‘23 
The White Rabbit: Ellison White ‘25
The Mad Hatter: Mira Bruce Low ‘23
The Queen of Hearts: Theo Marvin ‘23
The Caterpillar: Nishan Permalla ‘25
The Queen's Toad: Louise Estella ‘24

Land Cast
Thursday, April 27, 7:00 pm
Friday, April 28, 4:30 pm
Saturday,  April 29, 7:00 pm
Sunday, April 30, 2:00 pm

Alice: Lilia Maxwell ‘25
The White Rabbit: Luciana Eyler ‘25
The Mad Hatter: Ian Mutz ‘25
The Queen of Hearts: Marlena Bennet Hall ‘23
The Caterpillar: Olivia Pezzullo ‘23
The Queen's Toad: Dayton Shepardson ‘23

All Shows
Young Alice: Elliot Harrison
Young Lorena: Gigi Bruce Low 
Grown Lorena:  Natalie Burton ‘26
The Cheshire Cat: Madigan Traversi ‘23
The Dormouse: Hannah Marik ‘25
The March Hare: Avery Novograd ‘25
The Caterpillar’s inchworm, Ingrid: Cole Stein ‘23
Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle Dum: Tilly Houson ‘23 and Pamela Gloger ‘24

The Flowers/Girls at the Lewis Boarding School 
Rose: Lyvia Browne ‘25
Lily: Cole Stein ‘23
Daisy: Ivette Garcia Bautista ‘25
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