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We require that all candidates take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) and submit their scores as part of their application.

The test has multiple parts, as follows:
  • Mathematics: two sections, 30 minutes each with 25 questions each
  • Reading Comprehension: 30 minutes with 30 synonym questions and 30 analogy questions
  • Verbal: 40 minutes with 40 questions based on 7 reading passages
  • Essay: 25 minutes
In order to help prepare students for their SSATs, we offer three different sections of test preparation. The first two sections begin in September, and the third in October. All sections are three weeks in length. SSAT Prep classes are for 7th and 8th graders only. Students applying for Early Decision must take the October 19 SSAT test, therefore, they should take Section 1 or Section 2.
How do I sign up for one of the classes?
Use the following link to register.
SSAT Registration

What is the cost?
$329 for a three-week class. Fee includes all study materials.

When do I take the SSAT exam?
If applying to Sonoma Academy in the fall of 2019, we recommend signing up to take the SSAT in October, November, or December. Students who are interested in applying for Early Decision should register for a Section 1 or Section 2 class. Families are responsible for test registration at www.ssat.org. The Sonoma Academy test center code is 7400.

Wanting to apply Early Decision?
If you plan to apply for Early Decision (November 1), then you must take the October 19 SSAT test, which means you need to take the Section 1 or Section 2 SSAT Prep Class. 
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