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Visual and Performing Arts

The Arts Department helps students bring their thoughts and feelings to life through music, performance, and visual and physical expression. At the core of the Arts curriculum is a philosophy of project-based learning—where making art provides the path to understanding and growth. From eager freshmen stumbling through their first Shakespeare monologues or sketching their first animal skull or singing their first solo, the process of experimentation and expression never stops.

Visual arts students photograph and document all their work and post it online in blogs where other students offer written critique; theater students work together virtually every day to solve problems and be both vulnerable and compassionate,taking on challenging roles and offering one another critical feedback; music students of all levels not only focus on technical mastery, but find themselves absorbed into theater productions and performances and all manner of school functions, from weekly Community Meetings to graduation itself. All arts classes emphasize critique and collaboration, and embrace both the most advanced photo and video technology as well as the most spare, primitive means of expression and exploration.

Whatever the form or the medium, the overarching goal of the arts curriculum is for students to learn how to provoke an emotional and intellectual response in their audience—to share, to challenge, and ultimately, to build a greater sense of community.

To learn more about our current Arts course offerings, choose Arts from the department listing below. You may also wish to explore our Arts section to learn more about the Arts outside of the classroom.
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