U. S. P.

Posted November 10, 2011

Favorite Subjects: Theater and Humanities

Favorite Class at SA: Humanities I

Co-Curricular Activities: Track, theatre and violin

Something that I never thought I'd do until I tried it at SA:
I have never considered myself a very athletic person, especially not on a team but some of my friends encouraged me to try track and I ended up having a lot of fun!

A favorite moment at SA this year:
The second sophomore retreat, because the whole class bonded really well and I learned so much about my classmates.

A favorite moment from freshman year:
When I was struggling in my math class and the teacher asked me after class if I needed any help. It surprised me how much she was paying attention to my progress and how eager she was to see me improve--that's what I love about the teachers at Sonoma Academy.

I am looking forward to summer because:
My sister, who lives in Germany, is coming to visit for a month and we are going to go do tons of fun things and catch up on the things we missed during our year apart.

Best general advice for an incoming student:
Join something! I know that everyone says this but it is really important. I didn't join anything besides All-Stars my freshman year and once I saw how awesome being a part of a group, with both theatre and track, I regretted not doing it earlier. It helps build friendships through all the grades and gets you acquainted with the school much quicker.

My favorite place on campus is:
The Fitzsimmons Black Box Theater because some of my best times have been in there, whether watching an incredible community meeting, a magical performance or being in a play myself. I always feel happy in there.

The best book that I have read in class is:
The Baron in the Trees. I read this in freshman year, yet I still remember it really well. I thought the plot line was really interesting and it was one of those fantastic books that pull you into the book and you can vividly imagine yourself there with the characters.

My most random hobby is:
Watching sunsets, one of my favorite places to do this is on the hill behind Sonoma Academy where the buckeye trees are.

If you were on a deserted island, what food could you not live without?
Green tea ice cream and miso soup. Those are my favorite foods and I never get tired of them.

What is the most important issue of your time?
Same-sex marriage rights. I think it's ridiculous that some people can't get married in some states because of the sex of the person they love. I want to help fight for gay and lesbian rights in California, at least.

What is your biggest accomplishment this year:
I have found my stride in high school. I've figured out where I fit in the community and I am comfortable and happy with it. Freshman year tends to be a bit easier than the other years and so now I feel that I have settled myself down and can really push forward towards college.

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