The Arts

We have a rich and creative arts program that offers students all nature of creative opportunities. Whether interested in studio art, art history, dance, performance, filmmaking or broadcast technology,  photography, or music, our core Foundation Arts courses, in addition to electives, exploratories, intersessions, and extracurriculars give our students a variety of ways to express themselves.

Our Arts program is interdisciplinary in nature, and students often have a chance to collaborate amongst art forms.

One of the best examples of this recently was our Spring 2014 performance. A joyous, perambulatory, musical adaptation of The Canterbury Tales, this performance utilized all aspects of the Arts Program. Utilizing puppet making skills learned by the Arts Department over the previous summer, students adapted the Canterbury Tales to have a more modern flair, set them to music, and performed a variety of roles, sometimes as actors, sometimes as puppeteers, singers, or musicians. Below is a video about the making of this extraordinary performance, thanks to parent Susan Boyer.