Library Guidelines


The upstairs library is a place for quiet study, research and reading. Please respect other students (as well as the faculty who work in the library) by helping foster this atmosphere. Group study and discussion are acceptable on the first floor (The Adirondacks), but please keep noise levels as low as possible and keep the second floor available for those requiring a quieter environment.

Use of Materials

Most books in the library are circulating, which means they can be checked out. Students can check out up to 10 of these items at a time, for a period of three weeks. If no one else requests the items, they can also be renewed. Magazines, newspapers and reference materials (such as some encyclopedias) do not circulate and can only be used in the library.

Use of Online Resources

The library has a number of resources available online, including subscription databases, links to useful websites, video tutorials and podcasts. All of these can be accessed either on campus or remotely, but some may require a user name and password. Please contact the librarian for assistance in accessing these materials.


In order to protect library facilities and materials from damage (spills, bugs, etc.), food and drink consumption will be limited. Meals must be eaten elsewhere. On the first floor, beverages in sturdy, spill-proof, covered containers and dry, packaged snacks are acceptable. Covered water bottles are acceptable on the second floor. Please dispose of any trash from food/drink items. Please take responsibility for any spills, crumbs or sticky tables by cleaning them up. If a spill results in damage to any library materials, please let the librarian know right away so the item can be cleaned, repaired or replaced.